adacademy, part of adestudios group is a private language school located in the heart of the beautiful city of Málaga, on the Andalusian coast, in Southern Spain.

We are a school with a large experience in teaching. Our school has 8 modern classrooms, including the latest digital technologies, a library and computer loan service to improve our students learning progress.

We are located next to the unique Calle Larios (Málaga high street), and the Mercado de Atarazanas (the city market), that are considered as significant historical symbols for the city. Our school is surrounded by important monuments, shops and picturesque alleys that help to create a special atmosphere in the city centre.

A few minutes from the school, you can find the Port of Málaga, Muelle 1 and La Malagueta beach, where it’s possible to enjoy more than 320 sunny days a year, both in winter and in summer.

Thanks to the central location of adacademy, it is very easy to get to our school taking the different urban and metropolitan means of transports (subway, train, bus….).

adacademy was founded based on the premise of helping students achieve their academic and professional goals, by offering them personalised academic support through a remarkably practical methodology.

Ten years after the foundation of adestudiosadacademy keeps growing by incorporating the most innovative teaching methodologies. 

The wide experience and professional attitude of our teaching staff get together to work for our students and to offer them a quality education, specific and updated for each student. 

In adacademy, you will find a great team of fully qualified teachers with many years of experience in teaching languages. All our teachers have studied a university degree related to language studies and a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

Mª Carmen Angulo

Founder and Director of Adestudios

Mª Carmen is the Founder and Director of adestudios group and adacademy. She combines managing the school tasks with teaching university courses, such as Econometrics, Statistics, Microeconomics, among others.

With more than 20 years of teaching experience, Mª Carmen has a BA in Business Administration and Management and a Master’s Degree in Leadership Communication at the University of Málaga. She also obtained a Certificate in Executive Coaching at the University of Málaga and another in Managerial Competencies at the ESESA Business School. She is currently studying a Master’s Degree of Applied Statistics.

She has worked in the Business Creation Unit of the University of Málaga for three years, taking part in the organization of competitions such as Spin Off, which promotes the creation of companies in the university environment. She also organized workshops for the Universem program, which was co-financed with the European Social Fund within the framework of the ESF Operational programme.

Her entrepreneurial and tireless personality, together with her effort and dedication led her to found her own formation center where we have been helping students in different subjects since then.

Raquel Ortega


Raquel has been teaching English since 2015, and Spanish as a Foreign Language since 2018. She studied Translation and Interpreting at Granada University, where she also specialized later with a Master’s degree in Teaching (Máster de Profesorado en Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria y Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanzas de Idiomas).

During her time in Granada, and later in London, she worked as a private languages teacher and in collaboration with different schools.

Her teaching approach is based on conversation, using a range of activities and materials that foster oral and written communication, focused on students’ interests and goals.

Chris Gordon


Our teacher Chris is a qualified Trinity CertTESOL teacher with 3 years teaching experience. He has previously held senior positions in a corporate business environment and has a wealth of related knowledge acquired through this experience. He holds a Masters In Business Administration from Manchester University which enables him to specialise in Business English. He has taught and trained students, employees and colleagues and has an ability to connect with people at all levels. 

His teaching style is one of relevance and practicality. He focuses on the interests and jobs of his students and uses this information to enhance the learning experience.

Olga Angulo


Olga is in charge of the Communications and Marketing department in adestudios group and adacademy. She makes sure that you are updated with all the news in the school. You will always find her developing new ideas for social networks or designing new advertising campaigns.

She studied Advertising and Public Relations between the University of Málaga and the University of Applied Sciences of the The Hague, in The Netherlands. Afterwards, she completed a Master’s Degree in Communicative Innovation and another Mater’s Degree in Graphic Design.

Mª del Mar Hernández


María del Mar is in charge of the the Administration and Customer Service department in adestudios group and adacademy. She’s responsible, organized, efficient and absolutely hard-working, so she’s a basic pillar for our team! Nothing could work in our school without her help and organization! 😀

She studied Technical Telecommunications Engineering and a NVQ in Administration and Finance. Since she finished her studies, Mª del Mar has been working for several companies in the field of culture and education.